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I should rename this, My EPIC Life

I should rename this, My EPIC Life. I started yesterday (July 4th) with a morning run and it was refreshing to see so many people out early doing outdoorsy things🌱 Riding bikes, playing with the kids, even doing yard work!

A lady at a house I run by almost daily of which I never see was out trimming the hedges and without hesitation blurted out at me - "I am usually on my computer looking out the window and I see you all the time, I should be out with you everyday getting exercise." I chuckled at her friendliness on this day of celebrating FREEDOM 😉

As I continued to run I thought **How many people wish they were doing something different, they see others doing something they want to do and they feel the urge and desire to do the same, yet they don't take the action to do it** IS THAT YOU? Maybe it's getting off the couch and walking, or starting that small business you've dreamed of, or maybe it's joining a group to get out and meet new people or that Mr./Mrs. Right!

Things don't happen unless you take action. wishing, thinking, hoping you were doing something doesn't get it done. You have to take action, even if it's baby steps at first. What is ONE ACTION you can take this week to work toward that one thing you wish, should, you could be doing? Share it with me below to stay accountable and be committed to ONE ACTION this week! I know you can do it.....

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