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I know you, but I forgot your name!

I am very excited to share that my BLOG submit to THRIVE GLOBAL was accepted and it is LIVE right now! THRIVE GLOBAL is a website created by ARIANNA HUFFINGTON. Here is a snapshot of the BLOG I wrote. Click THRIVE GLOBAL to read the entire article.

Have you ever been out to eat and you see someone you know you know, but dang it you can’t remember their name? It happens to me All. Of. The. Time. I bump into you at the grocery store and screw it if I didn’t just see you at a networking event the week before, but what's your name? I show up to a black-tie affair rubbing elbows with prestigious people and there you are, I know you, you run in the same circles of people I run with, but I cannot remember your name. I see you all over social media posting cute pics, and I see you at a concert, but for some reason, I cannot recall your Facebook profile – I know you, but what’s your name?

Gosh, it’s embarrassing, to say the least. I can meet you five times, have dinner at your house, see you at yoga every week, maybe even work with you – or yikes perhaps sleep with you, eeek! And dang it I just cannot remember your bloody name for the life of me, is it Paul or Peter, Tom or John, Kent or Jared; I have no idea. Now one thing I will tell you I can remember is your face, yup I only have to meet you once, and I will never forget your face, or perhaps that annoying personality, or quirky mannerisms you do with your hands. I am just good like that – but your name, what is it with your name that I just cannot remember?

Click the Link to read the FULL Article on THRIVE GLOBAL

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